So it begins!

This will be my first post of many about a project of epic proportions!
So far i've been working on it for a few days and i'm far from done.

The project i'm speaking of is a Modular Minesystem as a Mordheim setting, inspired by cianty and his impressive mine for BtB. For those who haven't seen it, check it out at this site.

To understand how massive this project will be i want you to imagine a full 4'x6' table covered in square 8" blocks. We are talking about 54 pieces per table, with a total of around 70 pieces to get some variation on the layout.

To summerize, the setting will include up to 70 highly detailed pieces of modular terrain, aswell as a new chart for Random Happenings with every possible entry modelled. There will also be a Darkness rule which pretty much means you have to carry a light source or you'll just see 6" ahead of you.

It all has to start with something, in this case we have lots of styrofoam. Both the regular white stuff and tons of pinkfoam.


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