Endless carving.

I've come to the point in this project where everything there is to do, is an endless amount of carving. So it's just a matter of picking up that knife and start chopping away at the styrofoam.

Still, i quite enjoy it! Because now i'm finally starting to see the finished product infront of me. When that blade starts flowing through the styrofoam i get to imagine how the end result will be, and that's pretty sweet.

Here you can see some of the work taking place, there's at this point still about 40 pieces left to detail carve. Also a friend of mine in our gaming group has offered to help me with the project to speed things up.


cianty said...

This is REALLY impressive! What a massive underground table.. It will sure be awesome once it's finished. That pillar tile is a very cool twist to the usual corridor tile - love that! Keep up the cool work!

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